Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In the Berkeley Poetry Review

To my delight I learned I have a poem published in the latest issue of the Berkeley Poetry Review--if it ever reaches local bookstores. O ego validation.

I hope my friend Franz Wright survived cancer surgery.

I purchased the "New and Selected Poems" of David Young; published by Knopf. A beautiful book. I'm addicted to poetry books and fine written prose.

Ran in the hills above Berkeley. Waiting for the rain to descend this weekend.

I discovered and used the "Notes" feature on FaceBook. I may never try to submit poetry anywhere again. I love it when people I don't know like what I've written and "get" it. Well...maybe I will submit to journals again.

The usual surreal panorama to and from work: the homeless begging, students hurrying to their morning classes, people running or cycling, delivery trucks, massage parlours, busses. And, of course, the deadline I met. People in the office sit in their cubiles, IPODS plugged in, each one in their separate world.

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