Saturday, August 7, 2010


Did not run today. Slept late. Got up and did the laundry. Went to Peets instead of the trails. The usual assortment of people inside and outside the place: homeless youth, summer session students, regulars.

Bookstore browsed--what I always do when I take a day off. Went to University Press Books and Moes. Bought books at these remarkable treasure troves.

Wrote in my journal at the Musical Offering as I ate lunch.

People wandering Telegraph Avenue. Youths laughing and running; older people using canes and walkers, barely able to move along.

The morning was foggy and drizzly. Droplets of water covered the vehicles parked outside. The afternoon was warm, not hot. A light breeze gently caressed our skin. It was good to be alive, good to go walk outside in such pleasant, comforting, weather.

Taking a day off rejuvenates me and makes me restless. Tomorrow I run with Catra.

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